What is Paleo? And what in the world is GYAN ?

Ok alright, I admit the words ‘paleo’ and ‘gyan’ are rarely  together in any literature you might find. That is because of various reasons, but that’s for a different post!

Ok so back to paleo. What does paleo mean? A search in a dictionary would give you something along the lines of ‘older or ancient, especially relating to the geological past’; Here, I mean paleo in the context of the concept of the “Paleo Lifestyle” as popularized by giants in the field such as Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf (and many others). The word paleo is better used as an adjective – “Are you paleo?” or “I am hardcore paleo”- but it is of course a noun by default.  The paleo concept in short, is a belief that modern humans are optimized (evolutionarily) for a lifestyle that mimics the conditions present in the paleolithic  age. Why? Simply because we, as a species, have spent most of our time in the paleolithic era (2 million years ago to about 10,000 years) and hence are adapted well to conditions & activities popular in that era.

Ok lets jump back to ‘gyan‘ – Is it even a word? Well, to be honest, it’s not a true english word; It’s a very old Sanskrit word that comes out of India & literally means ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’. It is also extensively used in many Eastern traditions that have evolved out of the Indian-Subcontinent (for example Buddhism). Ultimately, gyan simply is knowledge. If I were to use it in an english sentence, I’d probably go with “I have technical gyan”.

I find the concept of “paleo living” to be a beautiful one, and one which I humbly believe can help many of us overcome difficulties in our day-to-day lives. I believe paleo ‘gyan’ can help us tremendously. I myself have been on a paleo journey for about 15 months now, and its been a truly life-changing experience. Thanks for reading this post, if you have any comments or thoughts, please do post them below!

Sincerely, Vishnu

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Author: thepaleobiker

Primal/Paleo certified, motorcycle & Latin dancing enthusiast, climber, outdoor lover, LGBTQ rights, spiritual, humanist - spreading love & compassion www.paleogyan.com

9 thoughts on “What is Paleo? And what in the world is GYAN ?”

  1. Awesome Vishnu! I certainly believe that gyan/knowledge that we have eternally in ourselves should guide every part of our life!

  2. Even though I stray from a paleo type of lifestyle I am grateful for the gyan of that lifestyle that you have led me towards. Namaste Vishnu!

  3. good going bro… keep up the good work… 😉

    PS: and next time you are coming to india, I need u to get me vibrams for me… 😛
    My earlier vibrams are all worn out

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