Humble beginnings of my Paleo journey & how its come full circle – Primal Blueprint Certification

When I first stumbled upon the concept of paleo/primal living, I was actually looking up ‘ezekiel sprouted bread’ on Google because I heard that it was a ‘super bread’ promising a lot of health benefits; There was a top ranked article from MDA that the search returned, which claimed “no bread is truly safe” and this is how I was exposed to the paleo idea. I was instantly hooked on to this revelation that my favorite foods were potentially harming me in ways I didnt realize

Sad face to represent my sad sinking feeling back in the day 😀 !!


I started by testing these claims on myself – staying wheat & rice free (grain/carb free) and cutting out sugary stuff (I’m looking at you sweets, cupcakes, donuts, coffee shakes)

In the first few weeks that followed, I felt the marvelous (and well documented) effects of cutting out grains/carbs – a sense of constant energy as opposed to energy swings with meals, an utter quietness in my tummy as opposed to constant IBS, and progressive effortless weight-loss.

Fast-forward 2 & 1/2 years to the present (circa Apr 2015) and I’ve been through multiple festivals/celebrations such as Halloween/Thanksgiving/Beerfest/Octoberfest/Christmas dinners etc which can all challenge one’s steadfastness with paleo/primal living 😀 and successfully come out OKAY. I want to give you, who are on the edge about how you’d make paleo work, my humble support and encouragement to try out & experiment with ideas freely, to see what works for you & to stick with the easier changes that integrate with your particular lifestyle well. There is no ‘one true’ way of eating/living – we all customize and tailor our life to best suit our way of life.

Primal Blueprint Certified
Primal Blueprint Certified

Over the first few months of 2015, I was fortunate to find the desire & commitment to partake and complete the Primal Blueprint Certification provided at – This is a fully online course spread over 13 ‘modules’. Each module consists of text, audio & video components and after each module there’s a moderately-tough test that requires 75% or greater to pass. Successful completion of all 13 modules gets you the certification – it took me about 30 days to complete the entire certification (total of 30-35 hours).  I feel that this is the end of a phase, and the beginning of another – I look forward to what’s in store on the primal path 🙂

PB Certification


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  1. hey it is great to see you are a certified Primal and that you are free of the symptoms of Grain brain. But in your search for a healthy lifestyle I hope you don’t end up reinventing the Wheel. Remember, where there is smoke there is Fire. I’m just sayin!

    1. @Samuel – thank you for your kind words! I agree, I’m in no way trying to reinvent the wheel :-). I’m happy to use the wisdom that’s already available, and just share my own experiences on this journey.

      I’ve found great liberation in the lifestyle, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s not for everyone :-).

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