Experiments in Photography – Pentax DSLRs & Manual Lenses

When I was looking into getting my very own first DSLR-esque camera, I was haunted by the usual Canon vs Nikon debate. But I quickly realized there was a dark horse in the DSLR wars; Pentax. But what makes Pentax so special, besides being an underdog?

A simple comparison of prosumer DSLRs from fall 2014 : Pentax is pretty competitive and cheaper at the same time (dxomark.com)

Over the last few years, Pentax has launched beginner & mid-level DSLRs with features usually reserved for higher end Canon or Nikon cameras such as weather sealed bodies (& lenses) that can be used in rain/snow & dusty conditions, and in-camera image stabilization (as opposed to Canon & Nikon having Lens-based image stabilization), and at lower prices that the competition.

But the biggest reason I decided to dip my toes into the Pentax universe, was the availability of hundreds of lenses starting way back from the 1960s that could all work with any modern Pentax DSLR. These are purely manual lenses, with beautiful optics & high quality construction that you could buy for a throwaway price.

SMC Pentax-A 50mm F2 manual focus K mount lens (picture from d2gallery.com)

I got myself the Pentax K-01 in Jan 2013. It’s a quirky designer mirrorless camera, with an APS-C sensor (the sensor size in most consumer DSLRs from Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony & others). It opened me to the fascinating world of photography. I’ve now gone ahead and purchased the updated K-S2 DSLR (NFC, WiFi & tilt flip out screen!!) and a few vintage, 1970s manual lenses (Asahi Pentax M 50mm f/1.7 $42). I hope to try and learn more photography tricks using these old manual beauties, and will formulate my thoughts around it.

The newly launched Pentax K-S2 DSLR – a modern DSLR with a great APS-C sensor (adorama.com)

How does it all connect with the Primal/Paleo lifestyle? 🙂 well, if anything, I believe art and creative expressing as well as learning is not just ‘fun’ and ‘joyful’, it is in many ways very much essential to who we are as humans.  Art and culture, in its myriad forms, define and enrich our lives, and it is truly, one of the simplest ways to connect with our Primal selves! 🙂

What are your thoughts on photography, and have you had relatable experiences in your life, regarding photography (or any other art or hobby) ?

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