Who Am I?

Update : 28th April 2015

Howdy! Time flies, yikes. Ok, so things have moved along pretty fast in the last year & a half. How so? Well for one, I’ve got myself a car & a motorcycle (the ‘MURICAN dream baby!!)

No, that’s not it :). Remember how I stumbled upon marksdailyapple.com in Sep 2012? Well, things have come full circle – I’ve been paleo/primal for 2 & 1/2 years now (yay!) and  I’ve completed my Primal Blueprint Certification, to be among the first 100 certified Paleo instructors in USA, and #173 in the world overall :). I’m pretty pumped I could do this, and I encourage anyone looking for the same to check out this link at MDA.

Primal Blueprint Certified
Primal Blueprint Certified Logo

Hi there! My name is Vishnu Narayanan Suresh. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have been here since Sep’2012. I have been fortunate to meet some great people in Cinci, and equally fortunate to have stumbled upon Marks Daily Apple which has truly changed my life!

I am a Consultant by profession, a Mechanical Engineer by education, and an Indian Citizen. I might call myself a running enthusiast, motorcycle-lover and an animal lover among other things. I love to learn, and I believe in being humble & spreading the message of love & compassion without barriers of language/religion/race/ethnicity.

I pray you enjoy this blog experience & feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad! 🙂



Hiking in the Red River Gorge

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